Photography beyond words.
Capturing life’s special moments
We appreciate your patience while we develop content for our new website.Please feel free to call Linda B directly at 203-255-2286.Sometimes when I photograph a person, a family, a scene, I know it is perfect. The shutter opens and closes and I know that I have captured something pure, maybe iconic. There is no need to alter it. But other times an image will be a creative starting point for digital painting and collaging, taking me on a creative journey as I experiment with different effects, altering the light, adding or subtracting color.I just have to trust the process – I don’t always know where it will lead me. It is the journey I enjoy. The destination is the final product and what I give to others. - Linda Brinckerhoff

"Thank you so much for taking such incredible photographs of our daughter.
I have been looking at them all night. You surpassed my every expectation and wish.
They are beyond words. I can only say that they literally make me cry with happiness. "